Taser Investor Relations

My Role

I was tasked with redesigning the investor relations website for Taser International. I conducted comparative analysis, looking into the architecture of other websites managed by NASDAQ to compare workflows and get an idea of the conventions of NASDAQ managed investor sites. I wireframed, making an effort to improve on the word usage within the navigation and removing features that our stakeholders informed us were providing no value. I then made a total of four distinct iterations of the website, desktop and mobile, before handing it off to NASDAQ.

About the project

The TASER investor relations website was blatantly dated when compared to the parent site. Being managed by an external team at NASDAQ, it was difficult to maintain visual consistency between the two sites. When redesigning the site for investor relations, we took that into consideration, and opted to depart from the old approach, and design a unique experience for the IR site altogether so that it wouldn't have to fight to be in sync with the parent site.

Stakeholder Interviews

  • What are the top three things people do on the investor website? Mostly for investor presentations to hear old earnings calls or SEC Filings. The twitter feed is necessary because some people have Twitter blocked at their work place. The investor kit is a good short shortcut for people so they don't have to dig around too much. A few things are legally required like corporate governance and press releases.
  • Is there any information that you feel is no longer relevant / does not belong on the website? Most of the information is required, though the historic price lookup, investment calculator and shareholder briefcase functionality are just things that came with the template from NASDAQ
  • Are people utilizing our email alerts or shareholder briefcase? Best to talk to rep to get any data they may have.
  • Are people using the historic price lookup and calculator? Historic price lookup and investment calculator are not required and we can get rid of these if we want to.
  • Do we get contacted regularly? Does this large block of information need to be prominent on every page? About 50 voicemails and 100-200 emails per month to (
  • What services do we offer that need to be found easily (e.g. twitter feed during shareholder meetings)? Twitter feed is important because people can't always access Twitter at work and they complain about the fact we are using it for IR.
Top: Comparative analysis notes. Top-left: List of content on the current site with notes of changes. Top-Right: List of new site content along with the major changes. Center: An exercise where we put content on stick notes and grouped them to plan out the navigation. solarvr-unity Four break points at 1200px (12 columns), 900px (2 columns), 600px (2 columns), and 300px (2 columns). solarvr-unity Typeface of TASER, Open Sans. solarvr-unity Colors solarvr-unity

Prototypes: Desktop & Mobile