Axon Investor Relations Axon (formerly Taser)

Project brief and my role.

I worked with product manager, Kristian Randall, and designer, Nick Stoermer to redesign Axon's investor relations website. Investor's struggled to find the information they were looking for and our investor relations contacts had to deal with the resulting emails.

Type ramp.
Responsive layout from mobile to desktop.
Color scheme consisted of grays and Taser blue.
New Taser investor relations homepage.
Other key pages.
Alternate dark color scheme with yellow accents anticipating Axon brand that was around the corner.

The process.

Working with out point of contact in investor relations, Erin Curtis, we got insights into the their needs and their customers needs.

Culminated research and interviews.

Sorting exercise for navigation.

Using post-it notes, we wrote and sorted all the pages of content into groups that inform us on how to design the navigation.

Navigation sorting excercise..

Minimizing home.

Home held a myriad of information originally. Writing down what existed there then, we discussed what could to be removed and what needed to be added. Removed many elements and added one new one.

Discussion notes reducing the content on the homepage of frequent necessities.

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