Various paintings since 2009 Personal
Photoshop, 2009.

My first passion in life was drawing.

Before graduating high school, I recieved the most expensive birthday present I'd asked for at that point: a Wacom Inutos 3 drawing tablet. And I went to work painting in Photoshop people, places, and things. Painting had not only taught me how to be a better artist, but a better designer. Composition, color theory, point of interest, perspective, and contrast has all helped shape me into the designer I am today.

Photoshop, 2009.
Photoshop, 2010.
Photoshop, 2010.
Photoshop, 2011.
Photoshop, 2012.
Photoshop, 2017.

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Virtual Reality InvestigationsMicrosoft, Xbox UX Design/Visual Design, 2016-2017
Hometown LiveSinclair Digital UX/Visual Design, 2014
Project Scorpio Microsoft, Xbox Visual Design, 2016-2017
Axon Investor RelationsTaser/Axon UX/Visual Design, 2015
2 HopsPersonal Game Design, 2014-2015
Various PaintingsPersonal Digital Art, 2009-Present