Hometown Live


UX Designer


June 2014 - October 2014

The Problem

Sinclair owns over 200 local news properties across the United States, each having their own individual news and weather apps managed through many different content management systems. This disjointed creation and consumption experience costs Sinclair millions to maintain and fragments our audience.

The Opportunity

By providing a singular app for our audience that is station agnostic, we can increase the discoverability of relevant news to users and expose a greater range of our creators' content.

The Goal

Save millions of dollars by providing a single publishing platform for creators and increase content exposure and consumption.

Bringing Together Over 200 Properties

The core challenge was designing a scalable system for users to manage their news and looking for opportunities for users to be exposed to more diverse content.

iOS app flow diagram


Onboarding Experience

We aimed to get people into the app with the fewest steps possible. All that was really required before letting the user go on their own was their location. Signing up and setting up an account was left for later when users would encounter featured that would require logging in such as Watchlist.

Onboarding map

App Architecture

iOS app map

The homepage was where the most up to date and relevant content was delivered. At the top were subscriptions, then popular news in the geographic location, most recent, and finally the Watchlist, content users saved to view later. The information architecture was designed to be scalable, placing carousels of content within each category that varied in number depending on the content available in the area.

The Result

Videos saved appear in the watchlist tab within the profile page. Viewing a video screen.